Jennifer Acker, LCSW, CSAT

Jen is more than my therapist, she is my spiritual guide.

She is supportive, attentive and intuitively knowledgable

about my experience and challenges as a trauma survivor and

sex addict. I am so grateful to be working with someone who

"gets" this disease and knows how to treat it.



Jennifer Acker had a tremendous impact on my

life and forever changed it for the better. She helped me

through my process of recovery with unconditional love, honesty,

incredible insight and intellect. I am deeply grateful for the

gift of healing she has given me and words cannot express how

I feel about her.



I didn't know what a good therapist was until I met Jen.

She is warm, nurturing, and professional, and creates

a safe space that facilitates true healing. My

previous ten years of therapy were just helping me tread

water. My work with Jen, however, has transformed my life.



Jen Acker is a total professional. First

and foremost an expert in her field with the

experience to get you to the other side of your

difficulties. She has the wisdom and intelligence

to give you the tools to use in your daily life that

makes all the difference once you are outside

of her office.

She gives you hope, when you are out

of your own.



If u were choosing a heart surgeon with

your life on the line, you would search for the best.

It shouldn't be any different with anyone's emotional

well being. Jen Acker is the best in her field and has

guided me to a life beyond my wildest dreams.

She sees you. And gradually you come to see yourself.

She gets the literal jokes and the cosmic one as well.



Important words of gratitude from Jennifer's clients.